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        蘇州君能環境科技有限公司是一家從事無塵室工程、潔凈車間、設備研發制造的環保潔凈工程公司。業務范圍涉及無塵室、GMP 凈化車間、實驗室、制藥、試劑、光纖、半導體、 化妝品、電子廠等凈化工程。


        本公司一貫注重產品的研發及質量控制, 公司擁有工程技術人員、高級工程師、工程總監等多方面專業人員。多年來公司從“管理嚴謹,技術求精”的角度出發,一貫奉行誠信認真的工作態度,以高效、優質的服務為眾多企業單位、科研院所提供了凈化工程、恒溫恒濕工程、新興農業整場輸出項目,為企業贏得了市場且迅速發展壯大。


      Suzhou Junneng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is an environmental protection and clean engineering company engaged in clean room engineering, clean workshop, and equipment R&D and manufacturing. Our business scope includes cleanroom, GMP purification workshops, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, reagents, optical fibers, semiconductors, cosmetics, electronics factories, and other purification projects.

      The company has a team of experienced, rigorous, and innovative engineering designers and a professional production technology team, capable of providing product design, research and development, manufacturing, construction installation, and after-sales services throughout the entire process. We have completed various specifications and levels of environmental purification projects and received unanimous praise from customers.

      Our company has always attached great importance to product research and development and quality control. We have engineering and technical personnel, senior engineers, engineering directors, and other professionals in various fields. For many years, the company has always adhered to a sincere and serious work attitude from the perspective of "rigorous management and technological refinement". With efficient and high-quality services, it has provided purification engineering, constant temperature and humidity engineering, and emerging agricultural output projects for many enterprise units and research institutes, winning the market for the enterprise and rapidly developing and growing.

      Under the New normal, competition and opportunities coexist. We will always adhere to the innovation driven development, grasp the opportunities of the times, and strive to move forward to the established goal of internationally competitive suppliers. "High quality, reputation; strict management, development" is the company's consistent purpose. With better quality and excellent after-sales service, we will establish loyal partnerships with customers at home and abroad, and work together to create a brilliant future!


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